"on the subject of somebody/something; in connection with somebody/something."

- Oxford Dictionary


Some call it a free·spirit, some call it free·lance, I call it free·dom.

I entered the creative industry as a content developer; initially, branding and marketing myself for clinics, I transitioned to outreach and marketing for climbing gyms, personal trainers, and grew from there.

Currently, I focus on creating a harmonized brand across media and marketing platforms to do the job of several assistants, without the price tags.

I'll be your contact for brand identity, logos, web design, media, and more. 


Imagine an elaborate line of dominos, filled with twists and turns. Precarious placement you poured your soul into shaping and crafting just so. Now knock over that first domino. Do you see it? Are you watching each domino fall forward as you run through the cascading maze? Do you hear other dominos falling, but you have no idea where or how they lay? You're so busy running after the focal items, you can't see all the pieces, and now you're lost.

Enter, TonyA.

I strive to make sure all your dominos fall perfectly together so you can step back and see the beauty you created. I link your vision together in one cohesive brand so you have more time to focus on doing what you're passionate about. 

I'll work with you on tangible timelines to develop your business models and shape your image so you have the tools to fly and time to grow.

I'm passionate about building your passion.

But who am i?

I am a rock climber.
I love to cook whole foods and bake specialty sweets.

I love high desert, but prefer vibrant forests.

I collect rare aroids.

I don't drink caffeine.

Why tonyA?

I am the best of many things.

A marriage of my parents Tony + DyanA.

Seriously, they combined their names to make mine.

I learned my first photography, videography, website, and design skills from my father Tony.

I have worked in male dominated fields and my work signature was dubbed Tony A to surprise viewers and defy expectations.

Tonya is TonyA.

© TonyA Content Collective