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CB Flora Shop

CB Flora Shop is a unique plant shop owned by entrepreneur Kelly Wasko.

With increased plant shops popping up, Kelly wanted her shop to stand out by conveying the feeling of peace and joy brought by investing in growing greenery.

I came on board as a marketing and media assistant and quickly contributed graphic and web design across several platforms.

I am most proud of the website, voice creation, and marketing success.

I love my integration of an interactive FAQ page and breathing simulators to convey Kelly's vision of tranquil vibes.

Since partnering with CB Flora, the shop's social following has doubled and Kelly is selling more plants than she can identify!


Brand Identity


Graphic and Web Design



design details

To visually convey the feeling of relaxation and joy I opted for splashes of pinks reflected in the shop's OG logo. The pinks harmonized with mellow plant inspired green stemming (ha) from pastel succulents and string of heart plants.

secondary logo

color palette






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Image by Scott Webb
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