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[climbing gym: design + content]

g1 climbing + fitness

G1 Climbing + Fitness was a new climbing gym to the Front Range, with it's debut in March, 2020.

I came on board as the designer for the local women's climbing crew (Send-It-Sisters) apparel and contributed digital and print media as needed.

I am most proud of the vector image of the bouldering woman and series design concept.

All design components were hand drawn and all ideas were original TonyA Content Collective materials.

Originally a play on Abbey Road with different disciplines of female climbers, the design broke into five separate women mirroring five local crags.

This rendition is a boulderer in front of the Flatirons.


Graphic Design


design details

To reflect the local community various crags were incorporated into the pitches. Meanwhile, to encompass and encourage diversity, an array of women, shapes, sizes, and cultures, were added for representation.

Finally, hints of cool purple offer subtle nods to the companies purple color palettes.

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