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gemstone climbing

Gemstone Climbing was a newly built gym at the time of my arrival. Initially hired as a head routesetter and coach, I soon contributed initial designs for apparel, print media, and digital marketing. 

I am most proud of the competitive team uniform designs that incorporate a streamlined logo and nod to climbing with the double figure-8 knot.

To keep the look fresh, the knotted tail was placed on the side of the uniforms.

Through my time with the company, I ran design and marketing for several departments while contributing to company media.


Graphic Design


Print Layout




project details

My marketing details included event planning and advertisement via print and social media. While, my design duties were reflections of event planning or apparel needs. Branding paced with the companies growth as I helped shape the culture and image of the new facility among the community.

Finally, countless hours were spent with community or sponsor outreach to coordinate support for events or teams. 


color palette





team apparel vision board

Printing the figure-8 knot along the side of a jersey and use a collegiate sport font to overlay and outline the team specifications. 

Back of jersey's will have the streamlined logo.

apparel in action

print media

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