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After an initial consultation I joined My Crazy Plant Life as a branding specialist to streamline the business's presence and provide structure allowing Shameka to share her crazy plant life with others.​

I created a voice for the brand while updating the website to provide efficient user experiences and spotlighting the bold colors of the tropical plant world.

I am most proud of the website and it's slick ability to provide structure for both user and owner. After all, Shameka is a mom of 3 and I made it a priority to highlight bookings and customer support. Consistent efforts to reduce time spent answering questions and scheduling visits are allowing Shameka increased shop traffic and time with her family!




Graphic and Web Design



brand shaping

Owner, Shameka Mitchell, is a busy mom of 3 who caught the planting bug. She began selling plants as a hobby and now runs an incredible full time greenhouse and shop.

It can be summed up in one word: hectic.

My goal was to convey Shameka's quirky personality and story of plant craze progression while maintaining systemic order across all her platforms. 

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Image by Eli Siváková


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Our Journey

What began as a hobby turned into a passion and evolved into livelihood.


Here I am now, sharing My Crazy Plant Life with the world.


I am a proud mom of three beautiful kiddos and green mother to hundreds of plant babies. Welcome to our plant family.


Thanks for stopping by,



Our Mission

We are excited to pass on our love of plants and can't wait to see all the things you'll grow!

Just like us experiencing the process of moving from house to house, plants experience travel trauma.


We recommend letting your plant acclimate to it's new home for up to one week before re-potting.


Place your plant in an area where it can receive light--after all you'd want the lights on after being stuffed in a box.


If your plant seems dry, give it a little drink... remember it's better to underwater rather than over .