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rock spot climbing

Rock Spot Climbing has been around since the 90's with five locations over two states in metropolitan rich areas. Initially a Regional Head Setter, I created and ran events; all while working on creating apparel and marketing designs.

I am most proud of the print media tasks I did for the company for varying events. Particularly, I love the aesthetic of the Dyno Dash flyer. 


Graphic Design


Print Layout




project details

My marketing details included event planning and advertisement via print and social media. While, my design duties were reflections of event coordination or apparel needs.


Additionally, I ran social media accounts to promote events, account for feedback, and interact with the community. 

print media

routesetter rumble

holographic sticker

multi-day routesetting competition involving

event planning

logo design

print media


social media



print media

  • flyers

  • scorecards

  • rulebooks

  • community guidelines

  • stickers

  • clinic materials

  • photographs

advertisements + content

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