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[fiber arts + entrepreneur: web design + copywriting + marketing + media]

the autumn acorn

The Autumn Acorn is a shop and service specializing in natural hand dyed yarn and business workshops for HSPs and introverts. Owned by entrepreneur Judy Jewell the business is nothing short of a community focused genuine artisanal shop. The shop conveys an authentic voice and rustic presence simply irresistible to crafters or homebodies everywhere. 

Initially, I came on board as a web designer and media consultant in order to help the company re-brand and launch a modern functioning website.

I am most proud of the website, copywriting, and marketing planning.

I was able to convey Judy's presence and deliver a warm, welcoming, and personal feel to the new site, while focusing on supporting other introverts.



Graphic and Web Design



design details

The Autumn Acorn is all about conveying the cozy vibes of autumn--the ones where you curl up with a warm blanket (you knit with Judy's yarn, of course) and taking some time for R&R. I highlighted the "Autumn" in the company with a fall palette mixed with rustic typeface and relaxing animations.

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Image by Giulia Bertelli

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I used to wake up, drink coffee, drive to work, teach the kids, grade the papers, drive home, eat dinner, knit a blanket, and repeat.

I was constantly exhausted and feeling drained...

The highlight of my day used to be coming home to knit, not because I didn't love my kids, but because I'm an introverted highly sensitive person (HSP).

I needed time to recharge from feeling the sensory overwhelm of interacting with the world.

I often found myself needing to recharge for days after simple interactions; that's when I realized I needed to find a different career - maybe even my own business. I combined my love of fiber arts alongside my need for a retreat and The Autumn Acorn was born!

Now it's my passion and my privilege to create and contribute to the wonderful world of crafting. It's my mission to provide a relaxing outlet and genuine community where everyone feels tranquil and welcome.

After honing my small business skills, I'm motivated to help other introverts and HSPs learn to build their own businesses and manage their senses.


Welcome to The Autumn Acorn family! I'm excited to create with you!

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